Shepherds in the Cave

Documentary directed and produced by Anthony Grieco with support from Canada Council for the Arts.

An international team of art restorers, archaeologists and volunteers begin work on the restoration of religious frescoes inside a network of ancient caves. Faced with local bureaucratic challenges and systemic neglect of archeological sites, the team encounters a community of shepherds and migrants that have used the caves for centuries and discover a living culture worth preserving most of all.

The documentary followed us during our workshop in the summer of 2015. Shepherds in the Cave has been awarded the Special Jury Prize at the Cinema on the Bayou Film  Festival (Lafayette, Lousiana) and screened at the Royal Anthropological Institute RAI Film Festival for the Archaeology and Material Culture Film category. Also, it has been screened at the Etnografilm Festival in Paris.

Coming soon at the 2018 Italian Film Festival in Vancouver on Sunday, January 7th at 5 pm. Ticket purchase information here


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