Meet Paolo Belloni

Incredible work carried out by botanist/conservator Paolo Belloni at his conservatory I Giardini di Pomona, Puglia, Italy. Hundreds of rare and ancient varietals of fruit trees have been conserved to ensure abundance of flavors and taste to future generations.

Meet Paolo on our Cultural Road Trip – August 2-8, 2017



Through our workshops and projects, we want to share our passion, knowledge, and connection with our native land of Puglia.

Our authentic stimulating experiences give insight to the people and their culture, history, food, and archeological and artistic treasures.

We are located in the heel of Italy that for centuries has embodied the idea of travelers and trades. A thirsty land characterized by roughly hewn labyrinths of dry stone walls, groves of centenarian olive trees, subterranean worlds of Byzantine frescoes, shepherds, and both rural and flamboyant architecture that today, narrate centuries of neolithic man to modern days.